NYC Clean Heat site banner showing city hall
Photo Credit: Mayor’s Office


Regulations issued by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection will phase out the use of No. 6 and 4 heavy heating oils in New York City.  The regulations were designed to balance near-term pollution reduction while minimizing costs for buildings.

  • All new boiler or burner installations must utilize one of the cleanest fuels, which may include natural gas, ultra-low sulfur 2 oil, biodiesel, or steam.
  • Beginning July 1, 2012, No. 6 oil Certificate of Operations will not be issued.  At a minimum, buildings will be required to convert to a fuel as clean as No. 4 oil. 
  • All buildings must convert to one of the cleanest fuels upon boiler or burner retirement or by January 1, 2030, whichever is sooner.
  • Compliance waivers will be considered through the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. 

To find out when your building will be required to switch to a cleaner fuel, click here.