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NYC Clean Heat has transitioned into the NYC Retrofit Accelerator, New York City’s new one-stop resource for energy and water efficiency. Learn more at

Press and Downloads

NYC Clean Heat Downloads

Consequences of Non-Compliance and DEP Filing Guide

Converting to No. 2 Heating Oil Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing ULS 2 over No. 4

Converting to Natural Gas Step-by-Step Guide

FAQs on Using Biodiesel for Heat

NYC Clean Heat Data: Remaining No. 6 Buildings (last updated: November 12, 2015)

NYC Clean Heat Data: Buildings Burning Heavy Oil (last updated: November 2015)

NYC Clean Heat: Guide to Financing

Natural Gas Service Rates

Property Manager Recognition Program Announcement

¿Que es NYC Clean Heat? (en Español)

City of New York Publications

OneNYC, April 2015

One City: Built to Last - Transforming New York City's Buildings for a Low-Carbon Future

PlaNYC Newsletter, October 2014

High Resolution Air Quality Modeling Study of New York City, NYC Department of Health (public access) and The Public Health Benefits of Reducing Fine Particulate Matter through Conversion to Cleaner Heating Fuels in New York City (subscription only)

This study quantifies the air quality and public health benefits of City and State programs to reduce emissions for heating oil, showing that full implementation of Clean Heat initiatives could result in significant improvements in air quality leading to hundreds of avoided deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits in New York City each year.

New York City Community Air Survey, NYC Department of Health

This NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene study analyzes the changes in wintertime air quality citywide and demonstrates the significant impacts of heavy oil use and the NYC Clean Heat program. Results for the 2012-2013 winter are now available for comparison to the 2008-9 winter.

PlaNYC 2011: Air Quality Chapter

Read more about the City’s Plan to achieve the cleanest air quality of any big U.S. city.

PlaNYC Progress Report 2014

Outside Publications

Citizen’s Budget Commission Award Announcement

NYC Clean Heat and our financial partner, NYCEEC, were recently recognized by the Citizen’s Budget Commission as the recipients of the 2013 Prize for Public Service Innovation. Please click through to read the official announcement and coverage of the award by Huffington Post.

The Bottom of the Barrel: How the Dirtiest Heating Oil Pollutes Our Air and Harms Our Health

This call to action by the Environmental Defense Fund with the Urban Green Council makes the case for switching to the cleanest fuels immediately and explores the benefits of conversion.

Residual Risks: The Unseen Costs of Using Dirty Oil in New York City Boilers

This policy paper by the New York University Institute for Policy Integrity describes the serious public health impacts and social costs of heavy heating oil use in New York City.

Oil in the Family: An expert answers questions swirling around the changes in the use of No. 4 and No. 6 heating fuel

This article from HABITAT by mechanical engineer Tom Sahagian refutes myths about converting to cleaner fuels, outlines simple steps for conversion, and advises building owners and managers to act now. 

Converting to No. 2 Heating Oil Step-by-Step Guide

Converting to Natural Gas  Step-by-Step Guide

HPD Podcast: Clean Heat regulations phase out the use of #6 and #4 heating oils in NYC buildings

New York Real Estate Journal: NYC Clean Heat Makes it Easier to Convert to ULS 2/Biodiesel

EDF-led partnership plays major role in Mayor Bloomberg’s clean air win for all New Yorkers

Department of Environmental Conservation Press Release, April 2014.

New York Statewide Air Quality Now Meets Federal Standard New York Metro area achieves attainment with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)

City of New York Press Releases

City of New York Press Release, May 2014

De Blasio Administration announces the extension of the City’s Clean Heat program to reduce emissions from boilers using dirty heating oil, a major contributor to existing air pollution on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

City of New York Press Release, April 2014

De Blasio Administration Releases PlaNYC Progress Report, Highlighting Major Accomplishments on Sustainability and Resiliency Efforts. NYC Clean Heat noted as contributing to New York City’s air being the cleanest it has been in 50 years. Click here to watch a video of the announcement.