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Buildings located on the west side of Manhattan south of 96th Street and the east side of Manhattan south of 89th Street may have access to Con Edison’s steam delivery system. Connecting to Con Edison’s system eliminates the need for on-site boilers and can free up valuable space for other uses. Steam is especially worth considering if existing boilers are approaching the end of their useful lives or are in need of costly improvements.

1.   Learn if Your Building Has Steam Access

Contact Con Edison to determine if your building has access to the steam system.

2.   Understand Conversion Costs

To learn more about the costs and benefits of converting to steam, consult a licensed engineer to determine the required scope of work, which may include internal piping work, the decommissioning of the oil tank and existing boiler equipment, and installation of steam regulator equipment. For a comprehensive list of equipment requirements, refer to Con Edison’s Steam Service Rules Handbook.  

3.   Understand Operating Costs

To learn more about rates, connection costs, and the conversion process, click here or reach out to Con Edison directly.

4.   Submit an Application Package to Con Edison

Outlined are the general steps for submitting a steam application to Con Edison. A building’s contractor or engineer will help complete required forms and applications.  For more information, consult Con Edison’s steam web page

  1. Submit an Application for Steam Service, a Steam Service Load Letter, and/or a Point of Entry Form.
  2. Issue the Engineering Specifications Package (ESP) and hire a contractor.
  3. Con Edison will review and accept customer drawings and conduct a stress analysis.
  4. Upon building approval, construction of steam system connection and inspection will take place.