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ULS 2 Conversion Specialists

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ULS 2 Conversion Specialists

Oil providers, energy service companies, and other organizations offer incentives such as discounted service contracts, group buying discounts, or other offers to encourage buildings to convert from No. 6 or No. 4 heating oils to ultra-low sulfur No. 2 heating oil (ULS 2) with biodiesel. Learn more about this program by watching our webinar video on Incentives and Assistance for Cleaner Fuel Conversions.

Below, please find a list of resources that currently offer incentives that may be able to help your building convert from heavy oil to one of the cleanest fuels.

Accardi Companies, Inc.

Accardi Companies, Inc. offers a one stop, end to end solution, beginning with an equipment efficiency evaluation to equipment choices, design, implementation guidance and post installation service and support. We work with building owner’s preferred contractor, or arrange for a contractor to work with the owner.  We work with manufacturers of multi-fuel fired burners, boilers, hot water generators, controls and instrumentation systems, solar thermal systems, and other specifically designed products for the industrial heating industry. Accardi Companies provides innovative and cost effective solutions utilizing performance-tested implementation of completely engineered and fully integrated systems. Accardi Companies is offering the following incentives:

  • Complimentary equipment efficiency evaluation
  • Volume based discounts on boilers, from 5% for one boiler to 15% for five or more
  • Discounts on multi-year maintenance agreements with equipment purchases, 30%-40% based on length of contract

Contact Jack Accardi at or (718) 793-6900 x110

G.C. Environmental, Inc.

G.C. Environmental, Inc. (GCE) is a full service Environmental and Mechanical Service Company, providing cost-effective turnkey services for boiler conversion, tank and related environmental needs.  One of the most expensive tasks during conversion from No. 6 fuel could be the cost of replacing your tank.  GCE has the experience to evaluate your tank and possibly offer a repair solution, if necessary.  With an upgraded tank and proper boiler service from GCE, your boiler may continue in service with ULS 2 fuel oil for many years to come. Turnkey boiler conversion and replacement services are also available including all permitting.  Services for Clean Heat buildings include:

  • GCE can fiberglass line your tank with a 10 year warranty or weld a new bottom, which is far less intrusive and more economical than replacement.

Contact GCE by email, go to, or call today for a free consultation, at 877.423.6847.

Marathon Energy

Marathon Energy is a family owned business that has provided high quality energy products and solutions to commercial and multifamily customers in New York for nearly 20 years. Services include competitive oil pricing, heating equipment servicing and repairs, burner and boiler design and installations, and in-house engineering. Marathon is offering the following incentives to buildings burning No. 4 or No. 6 oil that want to upgrade to cleaner liquid fuels:

  • Free Energy Assessment: Marathon will perform a free energy walk through of your building to identify all equipment and areas that must be evaluated to conserve and save energy. The inspection report includes a list of equipment and areas in need of further evaluation.
  • Discounted Conversion Project: Qualifying customers can receive a 10% discount on the total conversion cost provided that fuel oil is purchased from Marathon upon the initial job contract signing and then for two years after the conversion is finalized. All fuel oil will be billed at mutually agreed-to competitive rates with cancellation options available at any time.

Contact Gus Sfakianos at 718-435-2200 x123 or

Original Energy

Original Energy’s turnkey services include cost assessment, construction management services, and assessment of potential rebate and incentive availability. Original Energy provides Clean Heat eligible buildings with commodity price auditing services and free site assessments that help identify immediate actionable options for cost reduction to the property and help start saving money. Incentives include:

  • Commodity price auditing. This includes a free review of current oil/fuel bills to provide a fuel price analysis based on current commodity market indexes. Original Energy will provide a price comparison based on the size of the property, fuel grade and geographic location. Original Energy will also assess existing equipment and produce an expected cost analysis for any equipment changeovers that will be required for the conversion.
  • Original can also offer a free energy audit of your property to determine if there are any measures in addition to the ULS2 conversion that can reduce energy use costs.

Please call Ken Camilleri at 914-847-0267 or email for further details.


Petro provides a turnkey solution for compliance with NYC Clean Heat, including conversions to ULS 2 and other options and complete energy audits. As a ULS 2 Conversion Specialist, Petro will:

  • Perform an onsite visit and consultation, discuss all of your options, and provide a written estimate at no charge.

For customers that decide to go with a ULS 2 conversion, Petro will provide:

  • A free year of service with the purchase of an annual service contract (a $750 value)
  • Supply ULS 2 with a discount pricing structure which will offer a more competitive oil price based on total gallons delivered.

Contact Darren Johnson at, (347)-452-4329.

Tri State Biodiesel

Tri State Biodiesel provides reduced cost oil and turnkey conversions services for buildings converting from heavy heating oil to ULS 2 with biodiesel blends of 5% up to 100% (B5-B100). Buildings can take advantage of per gallon price reductions through ordering higher blends of biodiesel heating oil, or “cluster” orders. Building “clusters” are groups of buildings within close proximity of each other that place large coordinated orders of heating oil in order to benefit from higher volume discounts than their fuel storage capacity would normally allow them. Participating buildings can take advantage of:

  • Discounts up to $.20/gallon depending on the size of the cluster order.
  • New York State tax credit/rebate on biodiesel heating oil, Tri State Biodiesel helps buildings apply.
  • Equipment guarantees on certain pumps and seals for customers ordering blends of B20 or higher.

Contact Dehran Duckworth, (718) 860-6600 x212

United Metro Energy Corporation

United Metro Energy Corporation (UMEC) serves thousands of residential customers with heating oil throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. In addition to being able to provide the highest quality ULS 2 heating oil with up to 20% biodiesel, UMEC can also offer full service and maintenance plans for heating equipment. Incentives available to buildings switching from No. 4 or 6 heating oil to ULS 2 with biodiesel include:

  • Favorable pricing. UMEC will provide ULS 2 heating oil with B2 up to B20 blends at the same market cost as traditional ULS 2 heating oil. UMEC will provide a one-year contract guaranteed.
  • Free Tank assessment and cleaning: UMEC will perform an assessment of the existing tank to determine suitability for a free tank cleaning and for conversion to the use of cleaner biofuels. Tank alterations and upgrades to the equipment shall be at owner's expense.
  • Expertise. UMEC’s specialists will work with residential building owners to assist them in obtaining available New York State biodiesel tax credits, which provide a penny per gallon credit for every gallon of biodiesel up to B20. UMEC representatives can also provide information on running cleaner and more efficient equipment, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of the heating system.

Contact William Russo at or (718) 383-1400

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